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Creating amazing lives



 Hi   I’m Michelle and I am so glad you found your way here.  It is no coincidence that you were led here.  We were destined to meet.

I believe in your potential; I know your struggles and I know if you are here that you are ready for change.

It has been my absolute honour to guide amazing women like you to reach their true authentic potential. To tap into their gifts and share them with the world in their own unique way. 

I call this state of being....  "Your Amazing".  My passion is for you to "Be Your Amazing"

I am so excited to share how I can support you on this adventure of a lifetime.

Are you ready to “Be Your Amazing”?


How I can help You



When you and your business are in Soul alignment magic happens.  A new level of success, abundance and freedom occur...

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What is my Soul purpose?

Why am I here? 

It is time for you to claim your truth and step into your empowerment 

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Your transformation journey is unique and at times can feel lonely.  That is why the power of a community of like minded souls is so important

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What others are saying

Holy moly! I just hopped of the most EPIC session with Michelle Murphy who read the akashic records of my business Talk about insightful!! I had so many questions to ask my business and Michelle was able to give me SUPER powerful insights and awareness.. I'd highly recommend you jump in with her! It was amazing and I'll for sure be returning to her on the regular and bringing her onto my client support team.

Tarsh Ashwin
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