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It's all about connection

Reading From the Akashic Records

It is so important that at times of transformation both on a global scale and an individual scale that we come into alignment with our core truth.

When we step out of alignment with our truth, we are susceptible to taking on other people’s judgements beliefs or conclusions about any given situation.

Developing a strong connection to our inner knowing allows us to make rational and sensible decisions that are right for us.

If for example you are not in alignment when you watch the news or scroll through social media you may absorb the words and energies of others.

So, what does connecting to your inner knowing look & feel like – well it is different for everyone, although there are a few common themes.

One, is that there is a sense of certainty, even in a scary situation the message you are receiving makes sense to you.

You may also have a sense of calm or peace that comes with the acknowledgement of the message.

When you have a strong connection there is generally a better or improved ability to have energetic boundaries and you are less likely to pick up on other people’s energies, which could be described as white noise.

When you work with this connection you are more likely to be on purpose, life will flow and be the natural easy life you deserve.

If this connection is not strong or you choose to go into doubt this leads to confusion and soon you are following someone else’s way because that looks on the surface to be easier. Instead it creates self-sabotage, feelings of being stuck and results in major procrastination.

So courageous ones listen to your heart, let the messages flow and trust in the connection that is you, that has always been here to guide you.

Records Closed

Affirmation for strengthening your connection

I trust my connection and let the messages flow

Amazing love to you all

Michelle ~ Kali Devi

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