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March Reading - Let go and reap the rewards

Akashic Records Reading - Message for March 2020

Beautiful blue, skies, fluffy white clouds drifting, green luscious grass…..

Nature is full, the growing phase is coming to an end.

You see we have cycles for a reason, there is a natural ebb & flow, night & day, sleep and awake.

It is so important to be aware of this within your energy body and physical body. Everybody moves in their own rhythm and yet like an orchestra with many instruments, each person plays their own part and the result is a beautiful piece of music.

If you push too hard outside of your rhythm, your flow, you will create discord, firstly within your own vehicle/body and then it will ripple outside to those around you.

Each leaf on a tree changes colour at its own pace. The tree does not force the change…. It knows that in divine timing that all will be well, all will be ready.

See yourself now as an individual - what do you need?, what physical needs , need attending to? What emotions are coming to the surface?

It is a beautiful time to make adjustments, fine tuning you might say, to the many balls you have flying up in the air.

What is no longer important… let it drop

What is still buoyant? Do not overcrowd your mind. Be still and focus – now what stands out? Which ball is calling your attention? What does it need? Is it ripe? Is it done?

Is it a project that has run its course and you are still clinging to the idea? Maybe it is time to lovingly let it go. Don’t see it as a mistake or waste of time. It may have been necessary for you to bring it into consciousness and that is your part done. Perhaps someone else needs to ‘birth it and raise it?

Breathe in and give thanks for being the vessel for the consciousness… then exhale and with love send t out to the universe to be picked up by the next vessel/person to do their part.

What other projects need nurturing? What action do you need to take?

For some there is a fear that time is marching on and you may have missed your timing…. What emotions are coming up? Is there frustration, grief, jealousy? These are signs that you need to take some action.

Take time to connect to your higher self and receive guidance for your next step… remembering that time is a 3D construct (this physical dimension) and not a universal limitation.

This autumn phase is a time to harvest all of the good work you have done. A time to enjoy and reap the rewards. There is still time for final adjustments and then trust that your rewards are arriving. They are already here. You are making the final preparations for the harvest ahead.

A special mention about relationships.

Now that the busy nature of summer is coming to an end, it is time to enjoy quiet, slower more intimate moments – look at it as watching the sunset after a busy day – the quality of energy is different.

You may find yourself travelling into vulnerable waters and that is ok, no need to dive in too deep – just open up the space in your relationship for a deeper more intimate version.

Akashic Clearing Statement for March

Release – I give myself permission to let go of things I no longer need. I trust myself to steer my life in the right direction.

Affirmation – I breathe in the joy and open to receive. I reap the rewards and gifts of my labour.

The records are now closed.

I hope you received some insights from this message. I would love to hear your feedback, observations or insights.

Amazing love to you all

Michelle ~ Kali Devi

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