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Your Soul Business thanks you for taking the time to do this assessment.  Your business chose you and I know after reviewing these results you will be on your way to a deeper understanding of how you can align with your business and create an even bigger impact in the world.

The BUSINESS AREA for you to fine tune and step into more alignment with is…

Connection Chakra.png


Connection Chakra.png

This is the heart of your business.  It is the centre that fuels your business and builds and nurtures connection.

It is here that we focus on customer relations & client management.  How we are connecting with our audience and building a community that wants to stay with you and purchase again and again.

The heart centre wants to bring everything into coherence.  When this centre is in coherence it brings all the other areas of your business into harmony so that they function with optimum efficiency.

If we have fallen out of love with our business, we soon find ourselves struggling to keep going.  This is because the energy of love has gone out of it.  If you don’t love what you are doing it is almost impossible to keep inspired and motivated… at least for the long term. 

This may lead you to experience feelings of disappointment, overwhelm and burnout. 

If there are blocks here, there may be a disconnect that keeps you stuck in loops of self-doubt and worry.  When these energies spiral you can shut down the heart centre and your ability to receive.

When you are in alignment there is harmony between the head and the heart. 

You embrace the balance of being and doing.

Your income flows in and expenses flow out with no attachment just gratitude.

And your business is thriving from a place of service not scarcity.


The Key to moving back into alignment for this business area is GRATITUDE

I invite you know to take out your journal and begin with 3 deep breathes to let go of any attachment to what may come through as you exhale and use the following journal prompt to gain some important insights.


How many ways can I be grateful in my business today?

Want to have a deeper exploration about the energetics of this business area? I have some more information and a video to share.  If you are ready to dive in let me know the best email to send some more wisdom your way.

Thank you for the opportunity to support you on your business journey.

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