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Your Soul Business thanks you for taking the time to do this assessment.  Your business choose you and I know after reviewing these results you will be on your way to a deeper understanding of how you can align with your business and create an even bigger impact in the world.

The BUSINESS AREA for you to fine tune and step into more alignment with is…

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Untitled design (18)_edited.png

This area of your business is probably one of the harder areas to describe or define as it is connected to the Soul of your business which by its very nature is infinite.

This is the spiritual aspect of your business that connects or merges with the collective.
This is very much the domain of the CEO and high-level management.  It is where the soul blueprint and larger purpose of your business sit.

It is here that you connect with your WHY and to which all the other areas of your business look to energetically for direction. 

When you are out of alignment here, there can be a very real sense of disconnection, confusion, and lack of clarity around your direction. 

Feelings of overwhelm can cloud the vision of the possibilities that are available for your business and the impact it can have on the world as you are coming from a place of smallness and limitation.

When there is alignment in this business energy centre you feel connected to a higher purpose.
Ideas flow to you, you feel inspired and energised.

You know and trust that you are part of something bigger and that there are unlimited resources & opportunities available to you.

You know what your business is here to do and who it will serve.


The Key to moving back into alignment for this business area is CONNECTION!

I invite you know to take out your journal and begin with 3 deep breathes to let go of any attachment to what may come through as you exhale and use the following journal prompt to gain some important insights.


How can I be even more connected to my soul business today?

Want to have a deeper exploration about the energetics of this business area? I have some more information and a video to share.  If you are ready to dive in let me know the best email to send some more wisdom your way.

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