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Your Soul Business thanks you for taking the time to do this assessment.  Your business chose you and I know after reviewing these results you will be on your way to a deeper understanding of how you can align with your business and create an even bigger impact in the world.

The BUSINESS AREA for you to fine tune and step into more alignment with is…

Chakras  (21).png


Chakras  (21).png

This is the business development and strategy area of your business. 

This is where you take your WHY and begin the process of grounding the consciousness into a reality.  It is here that you hold the BIG VISION for your business.

It is here that you balance strategy with intuition, being open to possibilities whilst maintaining focus and direction.

When you are out of alignment in this centre you may struggle to see what success looks like for you and your business.

You may often dip into self-doubt and confusion on what direction to take, there is a lack of clarity around your future and the detail of the next steps.

When you are in alignment there is focus, clarity and intentional activity.

There is a balance of action and instinctual flow, you tap into your intuition and trust your decisions.

You can see the big picture so you are energetically calling in the right support and skills you may need to get there.


The Key to moving back into alignment for this business area is INTUITION

I invite you know to take out your journal and begin with 3 deep breathes to let go of any attachment to what may come through as you exhale and use the following journal prompt to gain some important insights.


What does my business want me to SEE today?

Want to have a deeper exploration about the energetics of this business area? I have some more information and a video to share.  If you are ready to dive in let me know the best email to send some more wisdom your way.

Thank you for the opportunity to support you on your business journey.

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