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Business Energy Centre - Creativity

Imagine feeling energised with creative energy flowing with ease and strategic intention.

This is what you can achieve when you step into alignment with your CREATIVITY energy centre.

In this video I will share with you a deeper understanding about the underlying causes and blocks that maybe limiting your potential success.

We will cover….

  • The energetics of this business area and its importance to your success

  • Symptoms of Blocks and Misalignments and how they impact your business

  • What Alignment looks like so you can start visualising your future business

  • Traits of the Shadow Archetype and how it is holding your business to ransom

  • The main Shadow Block and how it shows up in your business

  • Traits of the Power Archetype for this area that you can embody to uplevel your business

  • The main Power Aspect that you can use to fuel your business transformation plus  

  • Tips to align this business area so you can grow your business with ease

  • An Energy practice to shift and maintain the alignment that will make a lasting and sustainable impact on your business growth.

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