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Your Soul Business thanks you for taking the time to do this assessment.  Your business chose you and I know after reviewing these results you will be on your way to a deeper understanding of how you can align with your business and create an even bigger impact in the world.

The BUSINESS AREA for you to fine tune and step into more alignment with is…

Wealth Chakra.png


Wealth Chakra.png

This is the container for your business to ground within.  Here there needs to be strong pillars or foundations of support, safety, community and belonging, and abundance

As money is the currency of survival and safety it is essential that we create strong grounded systems from which our business can build upon.

This is the physical home of your business and can include the physical premises from which you work out of whether that is your home office, a shared space or shopfront.  It also incorporates your online platforms, such as websites, social media platforms, payment gateways, and teaching platforms. 

When there are blocks or misalignment in this energy centre, they have the capacity to create havoc on all areas of your business. 

These blocks may appear as…

Inconsistent income or lack of income and the accompanying worry over money

There may be an underlying stress or fear that the business will not survive or be successful.  That all the hard work will be for nothing.

Or you may feel alone and unsupported.

When this area is in alignment money flows easily, you are able to manage large sums of money in and out of your business without fear and your systems operate efficiently to support your business and the clients experience.


The Key to moving back into alignment for this business area is SAFETY

I invite you know to take out your journal and begin with 3 deep breathes to let go of any attachment to what may come through as you exhale and use the following journal prompt to gain some important insights.


In how many ways has money shown up for you in your business?

Want to have a deeper exploration about the energetics of this business area? I have some more information and a video to share.  If you are ready to dive in let me know the best email to send some more wisdom your way.

Thank you for the opportunity to support you on your business journey.

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