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Women have been gathering in Circle since ancient times. These gatherings provide a safe haven of support, education and healing.  A place to share stories, impart wisdom, ideas and sit in prayer.  

To sit in circle is to witness and be witnessed, to have a voice and to be seen as the amazing beings we all are.

I love being in a circle with empowered awakened women and I run a few different styles both online and in person so you can choose what resonates with you.



Soul Chats are deep conversations that awaken your Soul and light up your life.


Soul Chats is a FREE virtual online circle. It is held monthly in a closed Facebook group, connecting with other like-minded women who are exploring a ‘way of being’ that brings out the best in themselves and others.


These group chats are designed to delve into real topics that are playing out in our real lives. In a space of shared wisdom, we will workshop scenarios, lift into higher awareness and gain new perspectives on situations that are keeping us stuck or unfulfilled.


What to Expect

This is a safe supportive online space where women can come together to connect, feel heard, talk about life's challenges and get real help.


Discussion - We will have varied and on point topics for today's empowered woman. Topics that will shift consciousness, allow us to connect and to ultimately bring in more of their light to reveal their amazing.


Workshop - I have found the best way to integrate a concept is to workshop scenarios and examples. We will either choose a real life example from the group or workshop an example that is relevant. Unpacking the concept and highlighting practical tools to use ongoing.


Lift & shift - This is the fun part, when those aha moments hit, we want to lift up out of any uncomfortable feelings and energetically release blocks &/or negative beliefs and patterns that have arisen from the discussions & workshop exercise.

Then we Shift into new consciousness & perspective around the situation and stabilize at a new level of awareness.


Reflect & Integrate - To help integrate and embody the concept we will end with some personal reflection on the topic & implement action if necessary. Take home tools that resonate so you can integrate & maintain the shift.

Goddess Healing Circle

Ancient Wisdom for Modern Women

You may have heard about the Goddess as a figure of the past, wrapped in ritual, mythology and secrecy. 


You may have learnt about the archetypes and explored this with interest, acknowledging different personality traits within you.


You may even have dismissed this work as too woo hoo for you and not realistic or relevant for our modern lifestyles.

The truth is these Goddesses represent the very life force that exists within you, that is ready to be awakened and liberated! The secret is… YOU are the Goddess.

These circles create a bridge between the ancient wisdom of these Goddesses and the message of hope, power and love that they offer; and infuse them into your everyday life.  


To work with these energies is to bring about dynamic change.  We become, more empowered and more confident. We gain more clarity around our unique gifts, what we enjoy doing, and what our message or special offering is.  

There is deep healing that is reflected in our physical bodies, our relationships and our zest for life.  There is a true knowing and acceptance of who you really are, and the relief, sense of purpose and peace that comes with this realisation.

To realise the Goddess within you…. Is to connect to the deepest core of who you are meant to be.

This series of Goddess Circles will take you on an inner quest of healing, clearing, activations, initiations and transformation.

What to Expect

These are small in person gatherings (limit 12) where we gather to sit in ceremony and embrace the energy of the Goddess, to receive healing and activations and to awaken the qualities of the Goddess within you.

We start with a conversation of the Goddess qualities and how to integrate them into our daily life,  followed by a healing ceremony through meditation.

To complete the ceremony hands on blessings and activations are offered, with individual channeled messages from the Goddess.

Thank you for your beautiful energy and healing! What a lovely women's circle I attended tonight.

Please receive guidance and healing from Kali Devi ,

she has a gift.

            Merilee Hayes

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