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I work with a new generation of women who are ready to step into their highest authentic potential and make a bigger impact in their world.

YES I am talking to you!

I help you shift from the boredom of an unexpressed life and move you into the unique fulfilled life you are meant to live.  Coming away with a deeper sense of inner confidence, freedom and knowing of who you are meant to be.

Connecting to your energy blueprint, a sacred map to your life’s mission.  I zero down to the root cause of the underlying blocks that are keeping you locked in self sabotage and doubt and sometimes physical pain and ill health.  Together we blast through fear and anxiety and low self esteem, that may have been crippling you for a lifetime.

As a Multidimensional Expert, I utilise science based techniques and tools combined with intuitive insights and gifts, to create the exact formula for your needs.  This creates a space of nurturing and safety for your transformation and growth, allowing you to awaken and remember your own unique gifts and abilities.

As you transform through these sessions your whole world changes with you, your relationships, abundance, confidence, career, health and so much more.

I believe you are amazing and the world is waiting for you to BE YOU!




Hi my name is Michelle ~ Kali Devi and I am an incredibly powerful and intuitive healer.

It wasn’t always this way; fear, anxiety, and low self-esteem ruled my life! Of course, I didn’t know this until I embarked on my journey of ‘transformation’.  I used to say that my story is that I don’t have a story, I am just a normal person who wanted more from life.  Now I know that my story is important, as is yours!

I have explored many modalities over the last 30 years, never taking it beyond interest or hobby stage, keeping that side of me hidden and suppressed. 

Instead I carved out a career in the business world as an accountant, even running my own business for 15 years. 


I raised children, juggled the stress of life and slowly sank into boredom and depression.

In 2009 these two sides of me collided as I decided I could no longer live a life that was not nurturing, fulfilling or bringing me joy.  It was time to find the ‘real me’ and the true journey of transformation began. 

After graduating as a Clinical Hypnotherapist, I followed my guidance and found my way to a spiritual school, where I studied under a Guru and discovered a powerful energy healing modality that really resonated with me; and qualified as an ‘Ignite Your Spirit Therapist’ and teacher.  This was an intense period of 8 years of training and excavation of self and continues to this day. 


At times I struggled with the overwhelming fear and low self esteem that continued to bubble up to be released, it was uncomfortable and I wanted to give up many times, YOU are what kept me going!

Because what I want to do deep down is to help people move through this kind of fear... the fear that keeps you locked in misery, self-doubt and low self-esteem.


How will I help people…? by sharing my story, by showing them that I was here too and at times even though the fear was as big as a mountain , it is possible to move through it.

So, this is my promise to all those who are out there dreaming or yearning to be more.  I will continue each day clearing the blocks and conquering the mountain one self loving step at a time because you are all worth it and so am I.


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