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Becoming A Money Magnet

Becoming a Money Magnet course


So you want to become a money magnet? What is stopping you from living an abundant life you so richly deserve? It's not how many times you have chanted your affirmations or desired or built vision boards... it's about the frequency you are emitting out into the world. When your frequency is distorted it can show up as: 💰 Inconsistent Income- feast or famine 💰 Overwhelm and burnout 💰 Inability to break through income ceilings 💰 Overspending or hoarding 💰 Money drama never feeling like you are on top of things 💰 Avoidance of responsibility and ownership of money responsibilities. When we resonate at the frequency of abundance, wealth or prosperity we attract with ease. This program is designed to realign you back to your innate abundant nature. WHAT YOU WILL LEARN Over the 10 lessons you will uncover the hidden blocks, stories, beliefs and trauma that are distorting your frequency. I will share with you my method to dissolve and disintegrate these blocks plus how to activate and maintain your energy field. On our last day together I will take you through a manifestation alignment process that you can use anytime you are manifesting a new goal. Each lesson is a fusion of wisdom teachings, combined with energetic practices and practical tips and tools to help you heal, expand and realign to the frequency of abundance. WHO IS THIS FOR This course is suitable for beginners and advanced seekers - those who are curious and courageous and ready to make a massive shift in their financial success.

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