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I have been captivated by energy medicine for most of my adult life.  It has led me on a fascinating journey of change and empowerment.

To understand that everything is energy with its own unique frequency, is to have the power to create change, heal and manifest your desires.

When we work with energy we open the door to our multidimensional self.  From this holistic perspective we see all the aspects of our life and all the contributing factors that are influencing our reality. 

We work on all four bodies, physical, mental, emotion and spirit, to bring about real and lasting change.

Ocean Rocks

How Does it Work?

The energy sessions are grounded in energy psychology, neural science and breathe work , infused with my own unique energetic gifts.

What does this mean for you?  

This means real change that is not just a temporary fix, we go deep into the subconscious to uncover and release the beliefs, emotional trauma, behavioral patterning and psychic impressions that are holding you in self sabotage, ill health, anxiety, and fear.

With the expansion and space created by this release we are able to reprogram and create the life you always dreamed of.

How will it benefit you?

The saying "Change your energy, Change your life" says it all.  The magic of energy healing is that you can be working consciously on one area of your life and it impacts other areas of your life.  Energy healing can benefit you in so many ways:-

  • Relationships

  • Self Esteem/Confidence

  • Anxiety and Stress

  • Depression

  • Grief

  • Health 

  • Aids recovery/healing

  • fertility

  • career

  • life purpose

  • Unhealthy habits/patterns

  • Spiritual awakening/connection

  • Higher energy levels

  • Activate joy and happiness

  • Unlock your unique healing gifts

  • Your Business success

  • Your home and business space

Through conversation,guidance and then an energy clearing exercise,

Michelle's one on one sessions allow your blocks and challenges to transcend into clarity and focus, light bulb awakenings on a grand scale.

Every session is a masterclass.

                                          Katie Sydney

What to expect in a Session

Each session is a co creation and fusion of energies between the client and practitioner.  Where there is a field of love and receptivity magic happens!

This is a non-touch modality, the client and practitioner sit in chairs and the session begins with a check in and discussion.  During the conversation energy will begin to move and often deep healing occurs.

After the check in you are guided into the energy work which feels similar to a healing meditation.  During this time the healing is intuitively guided and the tools used will differ greatly from one session to the next according to the best outcome for you with ease and grace. 


It can include visits to past lives, healing in the Angelic realms, deep connection to the emotional body, physical body healing or a journey into the future, the possibilities are endless!

You may experience, emotional releases such as crying or sensations of relaxation in the body, tingling or goosebumps on the skin, hot or cold sensations, or moments of bliss as your physical & emotional body connects and responds to the energy.

Clients often report feeling much lighter and more energised after a session, with an inner confidence, more awareness and empowerment over their own healing journey. 


There are times after a particularly big release or shift when you may feel tired.  It is always advisable to be kind to yourself and be guided by your body whether it needs rest or a nice walk, with a big dose of water, to integrate the session.

The session closes with a review and tools or homework to take home to help facilitate the ongoing healing process.

How many session will you need

The process varies from person to person and it is important to remember that it is not always an overnight fix, you have taken years even lifetimes to develop these unconscious habits.  Your willingness to receive, and to implement and use the tools and strategies will determine your progress.


If you are ready to create big changes 3-12 sessions are ideal to create traction.  With follow up sessions as required when life throws you a curve ball.

If you are working on a physical issue or recovery from illness an initial session followed by 3 boost sessions is recommended.

One off sessions should not be underestimated though.  If the client is ready to transform… one session may be all that is required to set the change in motion.

This is your unique journey and cannot be compared to anyone else's.  Going at a pace that is intuitively right for you will give you the most sustainable results.

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