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Looking to feel supported whilst exploring your awakening path?
This meditation series is for those who are on a path of self realisation, are curious about consciousness, transformation, healing, spirituality, and esoteric mysteries.

The focus this year is on how to live a Soul-led Life. How to connect to your Soul and live from a place of authenticity and alignment.

I have been running these meditations for over 6 years now and have noticed that those who attend and are committed and consistent have had huge beneficial changes in their life.
You see this is not just a meditation class it is a masterclass in transformation.

Each week we explore concepts and teachings and then do a meditation process of healing and activations to clear old patterns, beliefs and structures.

These sessions are held online via zoom
email here to join:


Living a Soul-Led Life

Soul Chats Group

Join the conversation with us in our Facebook group. This group is to support those who are on a path on self realisation.

This group is a space where I can serve my amazing community by offering healing & wisdom sessions. It is a safe space for you & I to come together to receive support awareness and kindness.

One path of self realisation is to start your own soul driven business and for that reason I have set aside a special day to support all things business.

I look forward to sharing with you. Join Here

Lets chat... Soul to Soul 

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