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2020 Akashic Record Message

This year for me is about empowerment about stepping into our true selves and really owning who we are both individually and collectively. So to that end I am outing myself as an Akashic Record Reader. This is a gift/skill that I have recently uncovered or remembered. It is time for me to step into this aspect of myself and so I am going to share regular messages that I feel would be helpful or inspiring

This message includes an energy activation at the beginning Even though it is written in the first person this activation is for anyone who is reading this and wishes to receive it. It is an activation to embody your personal power. Allow the words to be absorbed by your entire body and awareness not just your mind.

Akashic Record Reading 2020

Q. What is my message for 2020

Energy Activation

The sun is shining brightly, the dark clouds have gone. There is nowhere to hide…. You don’t want to hide.

You have stepped through the veil of illusion and are ready to be your light… to bask in the light.

Fear does not exist here, it withers and dies.

It is so much brighter now…

I stand on the mountain top, breathing in air that is crisp and clear.

I feel the strength and power of the mountain below my feet, this isn’t any ordinary mountain it is the mountain of life… the resting place of Mother Gaia.

I feel here breathing her vast energy through me, reminding me that I too embody this strength, this compassion, this love.

At first when I hear this I resist and I wobble on the mountain and catch myself before I topple over the edge.

A voice whispers in my ear… In order to stay here you must accept and acknowledge your power and your strength.

I feel again the pulse of energy rising up through my feet and I let go…. I let go… I let go

And what I feared to be overwhelming was instead a gentle surge of energy. My body responds and expands as though I am breathing in this energy into my body, into my cells, into my consciousness.

Breathing in and expanding… adjusting… stretching… opening myself to what is already mine

This process of being reborn goes on until my body has absorbed all it needs.

The change is evident, my body is humming my cells move more rapidly my energy radiates out from within and fills my aura.

I glow with an inner light that can no longer be stifled. Joy sparks within me and pulses of light fly out like fireworks into the now dark sky.

My light meets the dark in an exquisite light show, the dark enhancing the potency and vibrancy of the light.

The two aspects of me merging in a symphony of light and sound, a dance of synchronicity, the two parts separate and yet as one.

I watch in awe as my energy spills across the universe weaving my Soul’s story into the fabric of creation.

I see the beauty of my uniqueness and trust that I am safe to share these gifts.

The time is now right. For I now know that I had chosen to put these powers to sleep, to dim my light until our planet, our humanity was ready.

It was not through fear or suppression but a conscious choice. A collective choice as holders of the codes of divine feminine power.

I sigh with relief and allow the dancing energy to come home to rest in this physical vehicle.

My body still thrumming from the energy and yet feeling satiated and rejuvenated.

I now hear my voice speak the message for 2020

2020 is your time to shine, to be seen acknowledged and loved.

There is no ambiguity in the energy of 2020.

It is a time for honest exploration of self of allowing your truth to become known. To come out of the darkness of your own free will.

To allow your fear to dissolve as you walk across the threshold into your new activated energy field.

We ask the question who am i? What am I here for?

When you allow yourself to truly see yourself there is no doubt of the answer, there is indeed no need of the question.

For you see that you are the answer.

Trust – is the cornerstone of your structure, your foundation.

Faith – is the wings that will allow you to soar and expand beyond your boundaries

Truth – is the power that will hold you in strength and in alignment

Love – through self-acceptance will centre you and nurture you through your expansions.

2020 is your initiation into your true self. Your eternal self … your universal self.

I hope you enjoyed this message, I would love to hear your thoughts and observations and what you feel 2020 means for you.

amazing love to you all

Kali Devi

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