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February 2020 Reading from the Akasha

2020 has started with a bang. I don't know about you but I feel that so much has been packed into the last month. We have had some crazy energy boosts that are literally forcing us to take stock and make the changes we have been praying for. If January was a bit hard core for you then you will be pleased to hear what February is offering....

February 2020 Reading from the Akashic Records

In bringing through this reading I asked that the information provided be for those who are drawn to read it... so if you are reading this let these words sink in as though they were meant just for you.

February the shortest month of the year. This is a gift to some and a burden for others.

For those who are trapped by the constructs of time there is a sense of stress, that somehow time has been stolen from you, that you now have less time to do all the things that your human minds insist need doing.

February is a month of respite, the pressure of starting the year has eased somewhat and you are now back in a routine, back into the comfort of that which you already know.

Instead we invite you not to rest in the known but rather you step out, allow yourself to shift from holiday mode to focus – not external focus, an inner focus. This may look like a deep rest or feel that you are in a void.

Breathe and allow what is to become form to arise from within your heart’s desire.

We are in the latter stages of a cycle. Here in the southern hemisphere we are coming to the end stages of summer. We have been through the fiery baptism of Summer – In Australia this has been a very literal experience. In February we often experience as we are right now, the flow of cleansing rain. The rain brings life to the seeds that you have been sowing, just as it brings life to the earth after the ravages of fire and drought, from the nothing life is reborn, from the ashes the phoenix rises.

Take this time as the full moon approaches to cleanse your thoughts release the residue of your fears, let your energetic and physical body drink in the cleansing energy of the water. Bless your water and drink it as medicine – intend that it support you as you let go of the old you so that the you that is reborn is of the highest potential.

Now is the time of rebirth and rejuvenation. Take the time to revisit any intentions and goals – do they need to be adjusted. This is the calm before the last burst of activity before we head into a winter hibernation.

The energy of February is one of respite, of regrouping, reenergising and readjustment. It is ok to take your foot of the pedal, if you do this the long-term benefit will be worth it.

Take this time to do the work on self-love and self-care. With so much emphasis on love during this month, let this begin with you. As you do this inner work the rewards in your relationships will be multiplied ten-fold.

Allow the building of the full moon energy to bring forth that which you are hiding from yourself. Allow yourself to hear any negative self-talk, to see and feel the effects of beliefs that you have hidden deep within you that are wrapped around the light of who you are – disguising and distorting it.

Be brave, curious and courageous dear ones, strip yourself of these old ways and allow the birthing of a new you.

End of reading. The records are now closed.

I hope you enjoyed this reading, please leave a comment & let me know what resonated for you.

Amazing love to you

Michelle ~ Kali Devi

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