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After many years of working with clients and observing my own journey, I discovered that there are three main phases that we go through to find inner peace and confidence.

Awakening, Activation and Actualisation.

Ultimately my goal is to assist and guide you to realise your highest authentic potential in this lifetime.  To tap into your gifts and share them with the world in your own unique way.

I call this state of being....  "Your Amazing".  My passion is for you to find "Your Amazing" 

connect and then "Be Your Amazing"


All of my services, workshops and programs are designed to support you on your journey home to your Amazing Self.

There is something here for every stage of your awakening.  Encoded within every offering is the message you are enough, you are Amazing!


Are you ready to Be Your Amazing?


This phase is for those who are just starting on the spiritual path, you may have done some personal development and are now open to new ideas. You may not be familiar with energy or spiritual concepts and are not sure how or why they would help you.

You may be looking for help with a life challenge such as health or relationship issues which have propelled you on this path to begin the healing process.

Or you may have heard the whisper of your Soul calling you to live more of your life purpose.

During this phase I introduce you to the concept of the "multidimensional YOU" Mind, Body, Emotions, Energy field and Spirit.

We work on key issues such as confidence, anxiety, stress, relationships career/life purpose and health.

Our mantra for this phase is "You are not broken, you were born worthy lovable and deserving."

Suggested offerings: - Weekly meditation, energy balance sessions, Soul Chat Circles.


At this stage you have dipped your toe in the world of energy and/or spirituality.  You may have explored a few modalities and may even be a practitioner in complimentary medicine.  

You may feel like you still need assistance to overcome fear to fully open into your potential.

You are open to working on yourself and committed to make a change.  You may also be drawn to this work and not really know why, this is your Soul leading you to your next step.


In this phase we take the basic concepts to the next level.  We start seeing life from a new perspective. You are a spiritual being building a connection to the higher/bigger part of you, your higher self, your infinite self.

Our mantra for this phase is "You have the power to choose and create your own reality!"

Suggested offering:- Weekly meditations, Sacred Soul transformation Sessions, Soul Chat Circles and Goddess Healing Circles

Working with Kali over the past few years has been one of the most amazing experiences of my life. She is always supportive and encouraging, understanding and completely non-judgemental and allowed me to feel completely safe with her, which has been a tremendous help along my healing journey. If I could give her 1 hundred, 1 thousand, or even 1 million stars, I would.

                                 Melissa B  Sydney


This is my favourite phase, you are all IN! At this stage you are opening to your intuition and are interacting with energy.  You are ready to do the inner work and create massive change in your life.

You may already be a leader or beginning to recognise yourself as a leader.  You are now consciously following the call of your Soul.  


You may have studied in the esoteric worlds or very open to new ideas.  You are ready for upgrades of consciousness and to make an impact in your life and the world around you.

This phase is about embodying your authentic highest potential, where you BE YOUR AMAZING.  Here you are embracing the light of who you are.

We delve into deeper awareness of your energy and your connection to all that is.  

There is an expansion of consciousness and recognition of your divine sovereignty and power.

Our mantra for this phase is "I am a divine sovereign being of light and power"

Suggested offering:- Weekly meditations, Sacred Soul transformation Sessions/ packages, Soul Chat Circles and Goddess Healing Circles, Soul Illumination Program, Be Your Amazing Program

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