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Confidence is the legacy of an aligned business

Inner confidence - or embodied confidence - is born through the process of healing your self-esteem. It has its own energetic vibration that radiates out from your being. It is palpable to others; it’s magnetic and creates a feeling of safety for those you are interacting with in your business and other aspects of your life.

When we have truly embodied confidence, we are anchored in trust and certainty, and it forms an integral part in the state of being that is our self-esteem, impacting how we navigate our life.

David Hawkins, in his book Power vs Force, describes a map of consciousness that measures the vibration of emotions, which are either expanded or contracted. The emotion that is the tipping point between expanded and contracted is courage. The energy of confidence sits in the energy of expansion. Therefore, it takes courage to step into true confidence.

We cannot be confident from a contracted energetic space. Imagine stepping out on a stage; energy contracted, body shrinking, our throat closing and delivering a powerful impactful message.

It just isn’t possible.

We can adopt “fake it until you make it” techniques like putting on a fake smile and power dressing but you cannot fake your energy. You will end up coming across as inauthentic and ultimately cause more stress to your nervous system.

How Do We Embody Confidence?

Firstly, I want to distinguish between external or outer confidence, and inner confidence.

Outer confidence comes from external sources such as attaining qualifications, job status, validation from others, and material wealth.

Inner confidence is an embodied transformation. An energetic shift that alters the way you think and feel about yourself. Inner confidence comes from healing your self-esteem through self-love, self-acceptance and self-belief.

When we have a healthy self-esteem, we are anchored in an internal strength that is unshakeable when life happens around us. This flows into every area of our life - including our businesses.

Self Esteem Is The Barometer Of Your Business

It impacts our capacity to earn our desired income, receive clients, be seen and create offers.

And here is why….

When we are sitting in low self-esteem we are anchored in our fears and self-doubt.

When we shift the dial to high self-esteem we are anchored in trust and confidence.

So many entrepreneurs, especially women, are unconsciously sitting in the vibration of low self-esteem. They often describe feeling stuck in fear. However when you look further this fear is a lifelong pattern of self-doubt and feeling of “not good enough”. This pattern often limits their ability to earn the income they are hoping for and ultimately the success they dream of. The energy of low self-esteem cleverly pervades every aspect of a business silently putting the brakes on.

Building your self-esteem is a game changer for your business! Having trust and confidence enables you to make empowered decisions that move the dial on your business.

You will be able to change your pricing and earn more income, work shorter hours, enjoy showing up and being seen, invest in your business, attract clients you enjoy working with and make a change in people’s lives. All without the struggle of endless self-doubt and procrastination.

The Energetic Journey Of Confidence

The energetic journey of confidence through our business starts in the lower energy centres. At the first centre we are creating a feeling of safety and structure. This requires firstly for you to know who you are and what you are here to do. What is your WHY? And what is the gift of transformation you offer? Without this solid foundation, you will build a business based on shaky ground.

The second centre is the creative and power centre of your business. Here we look at the connection aspect of your business. Having the confidence of knowing who you are and what you offer allows you to connect to your aligned clients. It is here that you tap into the creative energy and power of the business – the life force. Activating your own personal power through divine feminine breathwork allows you to be the conduit for your business to create magnetic offers and ground your business success. This is where embodied confidence is felt and your clients feel and resonate with your message and what you have to offer.

The third centre is how your business is able to shine in the world. If the previous centres are weak, it will impact your ability to be seen. Here is where embodied confidence is seen and heard. Your marketing is energetically aligned. You are not caught up in comparison and self-doubt as you are confident in who you are and what you are creating and sharing. You happily stand up on that stage knowing that what you are doing is of service and needed.

When you take the time to build your inner confidence, your business is able to thrive and expand without the limitation of your contracting patterns and beliefs. The results will be an aligned business that allows you to live a life of balance and harmony.

Ultimately confidence brings you the inner peace you didn’t know you had been searching for

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