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Let Go.... Create Space

To maximise your manifesting potential, take a look at all parts of you in the de-cluttering process.

One of fundamental rules in manifesting is to clear out the old to create space for the new. I have even heard this referred to as the Law of Vacuum, when you let go of old energy space is created and the universe rushes in to fill the void.

This year I am going to look at this from all parts of the multidimensional me, the physical mental emotional and spiritual me.

Physical Me and My Environment

Now we are all familiar with the practice of throwing out old clothes and unused toys etc which creates space in the physical world. I highly recommend this practice and am taking this to the next level this year by doing a 9 day practice which will create momentum and bring an element of discipline and commitment to the ritual

“ Each day for nine days in a row, give away or throw away, twenty seven items... yes twenty seven items. If you miss one day you will need to start again, this is to ensure the flow and momentum of the practice. ”

Tip: If you find it difficult to let go of items, hold the item in your hand close your eyes and thank the item for its service, you might express how happy you felt when you purchased it or were given it. Think about the fun you had using it or wearing it, how you felt etc. Then ask is it time to let it go… if the answer is yes, send it on with gratitude to the next person, or throw it away with gratitude. Even if it is brand new with labels on waiting for the day you lose weight or have time to use it (some common justifications we tell ourselves) Having it sitting in your wardrobe or cupboard could be having a negative effect, bringing out thoughts that you are not the right size or I used to be like that and no longer am.

This is also a great time to do a physical body clean out, perhaps doing a gentle detox or going for swims or walks in the ocean. Connect with your body through meditation and ask it what it needs right now, to feel clearer and healthier. If you are wanting to bring in more energy to manifest your desires you need a clean vessel to hold it.

Mind Cleansing

De-cluttering the mind is just as important in the manifestation process. In order to get clarity and direction, to hear messages and insights from your higher self, your mind needs to be clear.

My process for this is to do a mind dump of all the projects I have spinning around in my head, I literally just get a piece of paper and scribble down the ideas which later I put into a more formal plan. This year I also had a session with my go to person who in a short phone call helped me focus and get clarity on the different tasks. The next step is to transfer this onto a yearly planner which gives me direction and flow for all my marketing and planning. I felt so relieved after this process and was able to take action (hence this blog!)

You might also like to look at your schedule, plan time for relaxation, exercise, & fun. When you see the schedule on paper it is easier to see where you might create space for those new clients, or study etc. I have a good friend who did just this and found that they had space on Wednesday & Thursday for more clients, only a few minutes later the phone rang and a client asked if they were available on Wednesday. Wow instant results.

Affirmations and positive thoughts are healthy mental activities. Watch for repetitive negative thoughts that are fear based that could interfere with manifesting.

Negative beliefs can easily become unconscious sabotaging patterns, that deftly deflect the very thing you are trying to manifest. If you have the belief that you are not worthy of a beautiful house or car then the universe honours this belief and does not deliver the house or car. The sneaky part about this is that it is often unconscious so we don’t even know we are doing it. Using affirmations can help distract your run-away mind with a positive healthier thought, regular meditation & healings can also help highlight these unconscious behaviours.

Emotional Clearing

Unresolved emotions can also clog up our energy body, blocking the flow of manifestation. Taking time to look after yourself in a loving way, allowing yourself time to experience your emotions with honesty and non-judgement allows for flow. When we stop ourselves through busyness or fear we create a blockage in our energy field which can manifest as pain or illness in our physical body.

Regular meditation, exercise, healthy eating and seeking help if required are all ways to keep your emotional body flowing.

When manifesting we use all our senses, including our emotional body so learning to understand and be comfortable with our feelings will enhance our manifestation abilities.

Spiritual Clearing

We are not just our physical body and surroundings we are spiritual beings and as such are beholden to spiritual laws and contracts. In this dimension we look at the Law of Attraction, Law of Karma etc. If we have made a vow of poverty this can be impacting our current circumstances. Likewise, if we have experienced trauma around money in a past life the energy of this can also impede our ability to manifest.

To explore this, we might visit our akashic records or seek a spiritual teacher to dissolve any outdated contracts and vows and receive guidance around other practices such as forgiveness and service that could assist us.

After you have finished exploring these parts of you, tune in and look around you. Does this represent the future ideal me? Do I want to carry all this into the next year? Do these items, thoughts & beliefs support the true authentic amazing me?

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