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What the moon is going on!

Updated: Feb 7, 2020

Akashic Record reading for Astrological events in January including Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse and Saturn conjoining pluto.

There is so much going on astrologically this month that you might not feel that you are ready to start a new year just yet. This may be because of the eclipse season which doesn't officially end until the next new moon which is the 25th January in Australia. So I took a deep breath and accessed the record to see what came up for me to hear and share

Akashic Record Reading

Q What is relevant for myself to share about the Full moon and Luna eclipse in Cancer

The full moon in cancer with Luna eclipse is a time of upheaval, renewal, rebirth and discovery.

It is a time of great astrological significance for the planet earth. It is the completion of the eclipse season and therefore a time of endings and letting go.

The urge to cling to or hold tight may be strong in you, as security and safety is important. This is a time to trust and let go - fall into the arms of the mother to support you.

It would be wise and beneficial to observe your thoughts and patterns as they arise today in the lead up to the culmination of this moon phase. These are the limitations ready to be released, the chains that are weighing you down. Take time to feel your emotions they are your signposts.

On a global scale, the time has come for great change, large scale global events have been leading to a climax. Things will shift now in an upward trajectory.

The cream has risen to the top as you might say. It is not a time to be complacent with your thoughts and deeds - choose wisely the path you wish to tread upon. Every thought both steers the individual and forms the direction of the collective.

Does this mean you have to be one of the crowd... NO! It means that your truth is essential in shaping the future.

Step into your truth - find your unique voice. Take action in small ways to live the future that you dream of....

Q. Is there a message about the astrological event of Saturn conjoining Pluto?

This event is to assist in the transformational change that is required for both the individual an

d the planet.

The planet Earth is shifting vibration and this planetary configuration will assist in the new alignment.

It will bring about radical transformation, the truth will be revealed. It is an exciting time to be alive.

Q. Are there any particular tools and rituals that would be helpful at this time?

Look into your heart, listen to your own council. Each individual has their own way of approaching things that is right for their energetic activations.

Exercise, Meditation, Journalling, stretching, swimming, mindfulness, stillness are all very useful to move energy. It is important to do these activities with consciousness, to have greatest effect. Using the power of the body to move the energy... releasing old energy to create space for the new.

Sit under the moon or visualize the moon. Allow the light to enter your third eye to receive the new energy activation.

Activation Statement

I now let go of the old ways of being...

My mind body and spirit releases the patterns that are no longer useful

I open my ind body and spirit to receive this activation

I breathe in my truth

I breathe in my compassion

I step into my power.

Amazing love to your all

Kali Devi

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